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Monday, May 31, 2010

Unedited Aussie Day 2

Day 2

We were suppose to go somewhere for Abby to get laser and she also had class. But when the alarm went off about 8:30 we hit snooze. Abby called to cancel her laser appointment and fell back asleep. I barley moved but was aware of what was going on, pleased, I fell back asleep. We woke up a little after noon, showered and got ready. We took both of our laptops hopefully We walked to the mall (Cronulla CBD) and had lunch at Good To Go. The mall is an outdoor strip laiden with pebbles and shops on both sides of the walk way about 40ft wide. We sat outside again in the cute little outdoor café, again enclosed by an outdoor tent like structure but the thick plastic was not rolled down because it was such a beautiful day. The weather was about 66. We both had a yummy wrap of a veggie patty, similar to a falafel, less spice, and shaped like a patty. Also in the wrap was carrot, iceberg lettuce, and sweet chili sauce. Yum. Abby had a flat white, although I wanted one SO bad, I am on a huge budget and have already spent ¼ of my money and it is only the second day. WTF.

After lunch we walked around a bit and Abby decided she felt like shit and was not going to school. She called her doctor and he said he could see her right away. We took a cab, thank god Abby covered it, and she was in and out of the doctors office in like 15 minutes. We then walked to the Woolooware (or something) train station and bought a round trip ticket to Miranda. It was 2 stops away. Miranda is 3km  more inland and more city like. We walked into the mall and walked around a bit. I bought a small fruit cup for $4.80 and it was delicious! It had red grapes, kiwi, strawberries, cantaloupes, red apples, watermelon, and pineapple. Abby went to the chemist, got her meds and then got her computer fixed for internet at Optus. By this time I am in so much pain from carrying our laptops around in my backpack but I didn’t complain. We walked around some more and walked into shops, Forever New was a fabulous shop we went into and I wanted EVERYTHING. They had the most fabulous tights, leggings, hats, skirts, shirts, jackets, necklaces, dresses, shoes, and purses. I wanted it all. Abby bought a pair of pants for work; I think she said they were $70. We walked into a few shoe stores and they were all fabulous, reminded me of Aldo, but I am looking for practical. We walked into a shoe store with super cute shoes all at reasonable prices. I was SO tempted to buy a pair, but they cute, and IDK if they were comfortable. BTW, while walking I saw an Aldi Grocery, I thought that was pretty funny. About 4:30 p.m. we caught the train back to Cronulla.
We watched some tele and Abby made another yummy salad with even more cheese than the last time. It was so good. We watched tv for very little before passing out on the couch and made it to the bed about 11pm

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unedited Aussie Day 1

Apartment in Cronulla Beach is a minute walk to the ocean and to the CBD which is an open breezeway market with tons of shops and cafés.

When my plane first arrived in Sydney it was about 8 a.m. I walked right up to the customs counter, there was surprisingly no line. The customs agents asked the usual questions, where I was visiting, how long, why? I answered, Cronulla, till June 11th, and to visit a friend. I was so super excited but then he made the comment under his breath, “not off to a good start” then he called his superior. A man came and handed me off to another lade who then walked me around the corner and asked me to have a seat. Less than five minutes later I was on my way to baggage claim. I never got an explination….

I walked out the terminal and saw Abby sitting at a silver bistro table with her cart of 2 huge suitcases, a huge pink Vera Bradley duffle, and a Welcome to Australia balloon! FUN. I was sooo excited! OMG. We had our greeting and walked out to the taxi line.

It was $64.00 to take the taxi from the airport to her apartment. It was sprinkling when we arrived and one of Abby’s huge suitcases had a broken wheel. After we got inside we began to unpack some then freshened up and went to breaky.
We walked down the hill to the water and ate a café called Alley Break, overlooking the beach. We were seated outside and protected by the elements by a large outdoor tent structure thing with roll down thick plastic windows. The windows were rolled down today because of the rain. Abby ordered a calamari salad ($18) and I ordered 2 poached eggs served on toasted sourdough and potato hash ($9.5) we both had a large flat white. Abby wasn’t feelin her salad and barely ate any of it. I tried a calamari and wasn’t too keen on the flavour or texture but the greens were great. I loved my plate and ate every bit.

After that we walked around some and bought a few things like champagne from the bottle shop and orange juice from Franklins. On our walk back we stopped by Blockbuster and rented The Girlfriend Experience and stopped by the bike shop to see Rowdy, although everyone at the shop calls him Fred or Freddie.

We came back to finish unpacking and rest a bit. About 6 pm Rowdy called to say he was off work. We started to get ready and Abby put on her power hour CD and poured us each Mimosa’s. Rowdy came over and we talked and drank for an hour before leaving for the bar around 8:45.
It was a sports bar down by the water called Northies. You bet on horse and dog races.  Abby and Rowdy picked up the first round and I got the third but by that time I was spent. I was jonesin for a ciggie and walked outside to find some peeps smoking it. I asked a dreddie kid for one and he bummed his too. Abby came out and found me one. I was totally relieved to have a smoke. I talked with some people outside for a while when Abby made friends with everyone from before and they were inside and were calling me back. They bought us more drinks and we laughed and talked for about an hour before leaving for the petrol station for more cigs on our way to their apartment to hang out more. I was hot so our new friend Eric said I could borrow some of his boardies. I then took some pictures with his shorts, an Australian soccer ball, and Vegemite.

Afterwards I changed back into my clothes and played with Abby and Lizzie on her fridge word game for ever. It was super fun. Got home after 4 a.m. When we got home, we tried to watch the movie but it still wouldn’t work on her DVD player, I watched snow and scratchy subtitles while Abby made a delicious spinach salad with tomatoes, pine nuts, fried haloumi cheese (delicious) and balsamic vinaigrette. She also made some noodles with tomato spicy sauce I ate up. YUM. Who knows what time we passed out, not me. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I got so rugged up last night!

Sorry to all of my 7 readers, I will only be able to post sparatically due to Australia's lack of WiFi hot spots.

But I do love you, dearly.


I am in Cronulla Beach, located outside Sydney. Abfab.

To rug up means to put on your jackets and scarf.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hair Ornamentation

I love accessories and I love wearing things in my hair. 
I curled my hair today using my aunt's chi and trying to imitate runway curls but with short hair.
I used Redken iron straight spray and Redken forceful hairspray to achieve this look.

Jeans- from the Black Hole $5
Tank- Banana Republic on sale for $6.99
Necklace- handmade in Nepal $89
Bracelet- H&M $4
Hair Ornament- one of three from Dollar Tree so .33

Foundation and Bronzer- Bare Minerals
Eyeshadow- Lancome
Lip Gloss- Urban Decay
Mascara- Lancome

Thursday, May 13, 2010

If you don't know, now you know

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz by Lenny Kravitz
Zoe Kravitz

Not only this, but that


Zoe Kravitz-Vocals Khari Mateen- Bass, Vocals Dominic Angelella- Guitar, Vocals Joe Baldacci-Drums Nick Bockrath-Guitar Rick Friedrich - EVERYTHING! 
Philadelphia/New York

Detailed Info

Current Location:
Philadelphia/New York
Brutality, Michael Jackson, Jameson Irish Whiskey
Band Interests:
Brutality, Michael Jackson, Jameson Irish Whiskey
Born in early 2009, Elevator Fight was formed with the intent to melt the faces of unsuspecting men and women. more soon.

And another delicious meal

House of Kabob II 
Persian Cuisine
Irvine, CA
business image

House of Kabob II

92 Corporate Park
Ste F
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 261-8005
5 star rating
YUM! Located diagnal from The District, House of Kabob is in a desolate shopping center. One would think it is a great location but all the business is across the street.
Super cute, great tables, outside seating, nice artwork and decor, good silverware, friendly staff, and super delicious food! Everything a great restaurant needs, well, that and customers. We came about 8pm on a Thursday night and there were a few people that came and went. The prices are super great and actually cheap considering the exquisite food and nice atmosphere. They have one tv that was playing sports that I did not care for but one guy that was there with his date was watching it more than his date and that bothered me. And I found out later you can order online! So neat. I had the koobideh and my aunt had lubia polo. I loved mine, I am 5'3 and 125lbs and ate it ALL. Maybe gross, but it was so good and I didn't want to share the deliciousness with anyone else :P
They have lunch and dinner portions available and I think it would be great place for lunch or dinner with friends or for a date.

Me snacking on the yummiest bread!

I forgot to take a picture before I started. Oops. 

The plate was FULL of rice, two skewers of koobideh, and a grilled tomato. So delicious.

A day at the office

This is Town Center Drive in Costa Mesa at The Avenue of the Arts.

Reading my book for class. I can not wait until New Zealand!

My aunt working. 

I got dressed this morning in a super cute orange shirt dress with white hearts and big orange buttons from forever 21 and a super fun pair of army green stretchy tights with lace cuffs but I did not bring my usual brown heels with me to California because I did not have any more room in my suit case!
I did however bring my brown hemp rainbow flip flops. Not the cutest thing to wear, but practical for walking. Well no sir. My aunt loves for me to wear heels and would not let me leave the house in flats. And no way in flip flops! So she let me borrow a pair of her shoes. 

Best lunch ever! (until tomorrow)

i wish I would have taken pictures! I totally forgot. 

I love this place. 

The owner (I think) was so super friendly and attentive and the food was fabulous and really great prices! Everything is under $10. I want to go back for lunch tomorrow. Yum-o. The food was absolutely fresh and the kitchen was super clean (from what I could see)

I recommend this place for sure. It is a dive but super clean and friendly nice staff. Nice decorations and I felt comfortable but they do not have a true public restroom (its in the back thru the kitchen) which is kinda weird but not a deal breaker because it was super clean, the food was so good, and the service was above and beyond. 

My yelp review:

Clemente Seafood Restaurant

124 W MacArthur Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92707
(714) 556-2815
5 star rating
Located in a little strip mall, my aunt and I went here today for lunch and both had the ceviche. I had the fish ceviche which was delish and she had the shrimp ceviche with serrano peppers. Her dish was so freakin spicy but it tasted so good. Next time we might ask for less or on the side and mix it ourselves. I also loved the chips and salsa.
It was the best service too!

picture from

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is going on with Armani?

Armani Press

general press releasecollection press releasecorporate press releasecorporate infoannual reportrss


Body Art is a form of physical language, a fusion of performance and gesture – movement that displays an attitude and unleashes creativity, a spark that finds its own destiny, assuming a new identity, gathering colour, line and shape. Dress. 
This season Giorgio Armani creates a collection of pieces empowered by their cut and construction, essentially disciplined but at the same time possessing that special equilibrium achieved through perfectly balanced contrasts – exuberant, head turning, sumptuous. These styles are rich in colour and reference, texture of fabric (satin, taffeta, silk with stiffeners clad in double chiffon to support the structure) and elegant embroidery. 
It is this perfectly judged fusion, where the dress has been taken apart and reconfigured without sloppiness or fluttery detail, which brings to mind an eccentric purity derived directly from the Bauhaus. With its pared down look, the geometric formula of the skirt creates movement and emphasises the three-dimensional form of the body, the shoulders slightly prominent or, for a more defined shape, precisely cut at an oblique angle. To underline the prevalence of short compact shapes, shorts are occasionally worn under svelte tunics.
In fact everything is short and ends above the knee, even the evening dress. This staple has never before delivered such a total vision of lightness and geometric modernity, and is perfectly set off by flat shoes. Linear jackets with overstitched trim explore cool graphic design, combining sophisticated neutrals, grey, blue, green, a novel shade of iris, and low voltage red.
But it is the mutant shapes that give full expression to the pursuit of the new, including tunics like little wrap dresses, models with braces covering the bust, shorts gathered to imitate skirts, and single shoulder shirts with three layers displaying checkerboard motifs.

So, this season Armani is inspired by body art. Interesting, I like it. I have always loved Armani style. It makes me feel sleek, sexy, and posh. However, I have never been a fan of the Armani (exchange) graphic tees for boys, its a little waxy and jelly, especially on dark haired men with wax or gel in their hair.

I love what Armani says about body art and its expression, forming a new identity and then the way it related to clothing as well. Fabulous. Inspiring. Beautiful and thought provoking.

Monday, May 10, 2010

You're so vain

" I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny"

(Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel

I need CUTE comfortable walking shoes and a CUTE warm jacket!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED it. Really.
So, I have been packing and getting ready to leave for a few days now. I am all packed but I feel like maybe I over packed outfits. All I really need are CUTE comfortable walking shoes and a CUTE warm jacket!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tons of clothes packed and tomorrow morning before I leave I am going to take some out.

I have already removed two pairs of shoes, an Aldo flat and a Chinese Laundry flat. Why? I don't know. I will probably wish I had them but I remember wearing the CL in the winter here and my feet were cold so I can imagine being uncomfortable in NZ.

 I have another Aldo flat packed, a pair of Aldo wedge ankle boots, and a Nanette Lepore flat. I also have some walking shoes with tread but they look hideous with ALL my clothes, even my jeans and I packed ONE pair of peep toe heels by Doll House. Whatever. I will hopefully find some good shoes in Orange County or in Oz.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fashion influenced by the military?

Every year fashion is influenced by world military uniforms.
2007, 2008, 2009, and again 2010
 "coats and jackets, with their gold braiding, double-breasted brass buttons and shoulder epaulettes. Fitted jackets and bodices with neat stand-up collars give a romantic and feminine feel to the trend"

Read more at Suite101: Women's Fashion — Military Trend for Fall 2008: Autumn Runway Looks from Temperly, Alexander McQueen & Aquascutum

Banana Republic is always very classic with hints of safari and military. Sometimes prints have the occasional fun color and pattern but mostly BR is in the neutral zone.
The most fun thing to do, especially with BR, is layer. This fall will have several cardigans and blouses to play with.

Photos: Courtesy of Banana Republic and

I like the BR Fall 2010, it is very feminine and flowy with out taking up much volume. The lines remain clean, slim, and dainty. i wonder what fashion is like in New Zealand! I can not wait. I have been packing all day. Tourpal let me borrow many fabulous pieces that I will photograph and give her credit for. I also packed A LOT of black and TONS of jewelry. On my way to Vegas I sat next to an Aussie couple that gave me good packing advice, such as:
I had bought a pair of rain boots from Tuesday Morning for $20 But they 
NB9013 Women Mid Calf Rain Boots Black White Plaid
advised me to return the boots and buy a pair when I get to NZ. So i did. They also gave me a list of fun touristy things to do while I am in Sydney. 
I also read a fabulous article in Harpers Bazaar, my favorite magazine, about packing. The article mentioned packing more jewelry to spice up and change your outfits! So, I packed plenty of jewelry and tops and bottoms that can be mingled with each other. I am SO super excited!!

And the Gaga/Armani love affair:

IIn case you missed it, because I did, here is Lady Gaga wearing a specially designed body suit by Armani on American Idol. I am happy Armani is designing different pieces suitable for Gaga but I am confused why she would perform on AI.

The B3 Burrito at The Nascar Cafe in the Sahara Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada

Brian and I stayed at the Sahara Thursday and Friday night of our Vegas trip. At Check-in we received coupons, some were for The Nascar Cafe others for gambling and so on. The first night we used a coupon for The Nascar Cafe, get the 180 OZ beer tower and receive a free pound of curly fries. YUM. 

After the cafe Brian used another coupon. Buy $40 in chips and recieve $10 free. Or somethin like that. So we went at played BLACK JACK. SO much fun! (My second time playing. The first time was at the MGM, picture below)

The day after the 180 OZ Beer tower Brian wanted to win the food challenge at The Nascar Cafe. It is called the B3.
Man V Food

Man v. Food - The B3 Burrito Challenge in Vegas @ Yahoo! Video

Friday morning, first thing we did was walk downstairs for Brian's challenge.

He is SO excited about this!

"Oh wow" is the look on his face. He is getting in the zone.

This kid was hilarious! He kept cheering Brian on and talking to him. He had a funny accent and a cute personality.

Almost halfway!

Halfway! And defeated.

Wearing the shirt they give you if you lose.

Side note from

NFL Athletes to compete in B3 Burrito Challenge

Three titans of the gridiron will test the strength of their stomachs as they compete to finish the B3 Burrito Challenge on March 13 at NASCAR Cafe located in Sahara Hotel & Casino.
NFL stars Evan Mathis, Kyle Cook and Kirk Barton will compete in the famed B3 Burrito Challenge at NASCAR Cafe. To date, more than 3,000 guests have attempted to eat the 6 lb burrito, but only 27 dynamic diners have managed to clean their plate in the allotted 90 minutes. Can these larger-than-life athletes topple this seemingly insurmountable feat?  Evan Mathis, Guard for the Cincinnati Bengals Kyle Cook, Center for the Cincinnati Bengals Kirk Barton, Tight End for the Detroit Lions.