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Monday, April 15, 2013

Leela Palace

This place is amazing. It truly is a palace I the staff here make you feel like royalty. 

Upon entering the grounds via vehicle a check point must first be passed. They look in the trunk and under the car. Then after exiting your car you and your personal belongings must got through security. Once the formalities are taken care of you are greeted with a warm smile and "namaste" by the doorman. Your bags are handled by the staff and you are taken to your room.
We had a deluxe room overlooking the garden. The room has two twin beds, a desk with two chairs, and a corner comfy chair with a side table containing four chokes of fresh fruit, several tea biscuits, white & dark chocolates with truffle filling, and cutlery. We aso had several bottles of water at the bedside table and one in the bathroom. 

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  1. was wondering if I'd gotten lost in the shuffle...Used to read your Blog,and really enjoy it, but haven't in some time. Now I see you've been 'slacking' ;) You write really well, Sheri; you should embrace ya, Auntie M


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