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Saturday, February 12, 2011



Oh my. Has it been ages since I have written a post or what? I have been a bit busy and it has been to bloody hot to even bother. Thankfully it has cooled down (the weather, not my busyness).
This past week has been pretty fun and eventful. Abby’s friend from Kentucky came in town on Wednesday. She had to work at a dentist office in North Sydney but Kel and I picked him up to take him to Newtown. Jon, Kel, Alec, and I got into Newtown around 2ish and had lunch at Coopers. I had the Tofu burger and it was pretty yum. Then we went to Freaky Tiki. That place is so cool. It is decorated in a cheesy 1950s Hawaii theme with fake grass everywhere, outdoor furniture, old couches, umbrellas, bamboo, and flowers everywhere. Happy hour beer was only $3.50 from 4-7. Everything was cool except for the Coopers tap had just finished. Bummer. As we were sitting there we saw a guy try and do a U-turn in the middle of traffic and run straight into the side of a car and we saw a lovely tranny walk by. Then we went to the Bank Hotel and met Abby. We were sitting outside looking around and we see two girl playing Nintendo DS’s sitting right next to each other and the 2 girls were Chloe and Therese!  Funny. Chloe’s mom owns Sombrero’s and Therese is her friend.
Derek, Kel, Alec, Me, and Abby @ The Bank Hotel

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