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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hofbrauhaus and the Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

Brian outside Hofbrauhaus in his cool sunglasses he got from Urban Outfitters.
We walked from our hotel at The MGM Grand. 
Before we left I wanted to look at the menu. I was super hungry and like to get excited about what I plan to order. That night we paid 14.99 to use the WiFi at MGM for 24 hrs. LAME. So really any excuse to use the internet was a good one. We read if you sign up for their e-mail you get a free beer! YUM!
Free Beer
We both ordered the dark. 
The Beer Hall

We shared a huge pretzel an as appetizer. 
It was also served with the most delicious spicy mustard and gooey honey mustard. 
Obazter Classic Bavarian Appetizer - A Bavarian Cheese Specialty you will love! Brie prepared with cream cheese, butter Onions, delicately seasoned and served with a freshly baked Pretzel. 

Brian had the - Veal Bratwurst - Two delicately seasoned Veal Sausages grilled to perfection. Served with our famous Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas Red Cabbage and mashed potatoes. 

I ordered the:
Allgäuer Käsespätzle - From the Bavarian Dairy Country! A very special German Noodle with Swiss Cheese, crisp Onions and Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas Side Salad. 
It was SOOOOOOO delicious! So much cheese. It was more like a cheese with a little noodle, lol. Yummy.

Brian ordered a HUGE beer!

(The smaller beer was the free beer)

After the Hofbrauhaus we walked to the Atomic Testing Museum.


The Atomic Testing Museum museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, documents the history of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) in the desert north of Las Vegas. The museum opened in March 2005.
The museum covers the period from the first test at NTS on January 27, 1951 to the present. Among its exhibits covering American nuclear history is a "Ground Zero Theater" which simulates the experience of observing an atmospheric nuclear test. Other exhibits include Geiger counters, radio badges and radiation testing devices, Native American artifacts from around the test area, pop culture memorabilia related to the atomic age, equipment used in testing the devices. Other displays focus on important figures at the facility, videos and interactive exhibits about radiation.[1]

rogers desk
A replica of an office.

atomic age gallery
(below) A Geiger counter, also called a Geiger-Müller counter, is a type of particle detector that measures ionizing radiation. They are notable for being used to detect if objects emit nuclear radiation.
geiger counters
jc penny
 (above) JC Penny donated manikins for testing the effects of the atomic bomb blasts.
During the 1950s, mannequins were also used in nuclear tests to help illustrate the effects of nuclear weapons on human beings.

Atomic Testing Museum Website
(information and pictures not from me or my camera were gathered from Hofbrauhaus, ATM & Wiki)


  1. Fun post!! looks like you guys had tons-o-fun!!

  2. were all these atomic bomb museum pics here yesterday? i don't remember seeing them.


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