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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fashion influenced by the military?

Every year fashion is influenced by world military uniforms.
2007, 2008, 2009, and again 2010
 "coats and jackets, with their gold braiding, double-breasted brass buttons and shoulder epaulettes. Fitted jackets and bodices with neat stand-up collars give a romantic and feminine feel to the trend"

Read more at Suite101: Women's Fashion — Military Trend for Fall 2008: Autumn Runway Looks from Temperly, Alexander McQueen & Aquascutum

Banana Republic is always very classic with hints of safari and military. Sometimes prints have the occasional fun color and pattern but mostly BR is in the neutral zone.
The most fun thing to do, especially with BR, is layer. This fall will have several cardigans and blouses to play with.

Photos: Courtesy of Banana Republic and

I like the BR Fall 2010, it is very feminine and flowy with out taking up much volume. The lines remain clean, slim, and dainty. i wonder what fashion is like in New Zealand! I can not wait. I have been packing all day. Tourpal let me borrow many fabulous pieces that I will photograph and give her credit for. I also packed A LOT of black and TONS of jewelry. On my way to Vegas I sat next to an Aussie couple that gave me good packing advice, such as:
I had bought a pair of rain boots from Tuesday Morning for $20 But they 
NB9013 Women Mid Calf Rain Boots Black White Plaid
advised me to return the boots and buy a pair when I get to NZ. So i did. They also gave me a list of fun touristy things to do while I am in Sydney. 
I also read a fabulous article in Harpers Bazaar, my favorite magazine, about packing. The article mentioned packing more jewelry to spice up and change your outfits! So, I packed plenty of jewelry and tops and bottoms that can be mingled with each other. I am SO super excited!!

And the Gaga/Armani love affair:

IIn case you missed it, because I did, here is Lady Gaga wearing a specially designed body suit by Armani on American Idol. I am happy Armani is designing different pieces suitable for Gaga but I am confused why she would perform on AI.

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  1. man oh man.. i'm struggling! a whole summer without my best friend is gonna be hard! I hope you have the most amazing summer EVER! Sounds like you packed well.. I'm gonna miss you! Don't forget to blog all the time so I can feel like I'm with you! And the rest of the world needs to know what the wonderful Sheri Ashley is doing each day!
    Love you Sunshine!!!


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