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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The B3 Burrito at The Nascar Cafe in the Sahara Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada

Brian and I stayed at the Sahara Thursday and Friday night of our Vegas trip. At Check-in we received coupons, some were for The Nascar Cafe others for gambling and so on. The first night we used a coupon for The Nascar Cafe, get the 180 OZ beer tower and receive a free pound of curly fries. YUM. 

After the cafe Brian used another coupon. Buy $40 in chips and recieve $10 free. Or somethin like that. So we went at played BLACK JACK. SO much fun! (My second time playing. The first time was at the MGM, picture below)

The day after the 180 OZ Beer tower Brian wanted to win the food challenge at The Nascar Cafe. It is called the B3.
Man V Food

Man v. Food - The B3 Burrito Challenge in Vegas @ Yahoo! Video

Friday morning, first thing we did was walk downstairs for Brian's challenge.

He is SO excited about this!

"Oh wow" is the look on his face. He is getting in the zone.

This kid was hilarious! He kept cheering Brian on and talking to him. He had a funny accent and a cute personality.

Almost halfway!

Halfway! And defeated.

Wearing the shirt they give you if you lose.

Side note from

NFL Athletes to compete in B3 Burrito Challenge

Three titans of the gridiron will test the strength of their stomachs as they compete to finish the B3 Burrito Challenge on March 13 at NASCAR Cafe located in Sahara Hotel & Casino.
NFL stars Evan Mathis, Kyle Cook and Kirk Barton will compete in the famed B3 Burrito Challenge at NASCAR Cafe. To date, more than 3,000 guests have attempted to eat the 6 lb burrito, but only 27 dynamic diners have managed to clean their plate in the allotted 90 minutes. Can these larger-than-life athletes topple this seemingly insurmountable feat?  Evan Mathis, Guard for the Cincinnati Bengals Kyle Cook, Center for the Cincinnati Bengals Kirk Barton, Tight End for the Detroit Lions.


  1. ok this is hilarious. one of my friends, a 115 lb girl, wants to win the buffalo wild wings challenge.

    i love vegas -- i go there every once in a while to see my psychotic aunt.

  2. OMG! I love Brian so much more now and I've yet to meet him! He seems so fun! Love the huge beer and the burrito contest. You guys are too cute! Looks like you had a freaking blast w/ your honey!
    love that Miley/Max shirt too. Right?

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