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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hair Ornamentation

I love accessories and I love wearing things in my hair. 
I curled my hair today using my aunt's chi and trying to imitate runway curls but with short hair.
I used Redken iron straight spray and Redken forceful hairspray to achieve this look.

Jeans- from the Black Hole $5
Tank- Banana Republic on sale for $6.99
Necklace- handmade in Nepal $89
Bracelet- H&M $4
Hair Ornament- one of three from Dollar Tree so .33

Foundation and Bronzer- Bare Minerals
Eyeshadow- Lancome
Lip Gloss- Urban Decay
Mascara- Lancome


  1. hello! how are you?
    warm greeting from font lover ^_^

    keep up your good work my friend 0_0

  2. Your hair looks very pretty w/ the curls and flowers!!! Awesome pics of you too! Be safe in your travels today!! Take LOTS of pictures all the time.. Abs can be your blog photographer :)

    I love you tourpal!!

  3. just noticed the collage is different on my blog!! i don't know if it was that way earlier and i didn't notice or not... i don't think it was.. but either way.. THANK YOU!! I love it! my blog would be a dork if it weren't for you.
    love you Aussie lady!


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