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Friday, May 7, 2010

Have you ever......

Have you ever heard of LUSH!?

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

 Walking from Mandalay Bay back to Excalibur Morgan, Angie, Kati, Georgia and I walked into LUSH. Jeszi had been talking about it but I had never been in a store. Little did I know. It is all handmade, edible, and fresh. Everything is made out of fruit and vegetables including two of my favorites, avocados and strawberries. YUM. The store smells divine! They sell by the pound so it is kinda like grocery shopping. Silly and fun! 

 When Brian came to Vegas I talked about it so much we went and he bought me a massage bar. It is like a bar of lotion. Love it!


"We loved the smell of Vanillary so much we just had to put it in everything, and the thought of rubbing a cocoa butter Vanillary scented massage bar all over ourselves got us quite excited. So we infused the bar with sweet and seductive vanilla and tonka bean absolute for a rich and sexy massage. We like to rub this all over ourselves, dust with Vanilla Puff duster and walk around sniffing our own arms and legs; you've been warned, it's what Vanillary does to you."

If you are interested in LUSH, they have shops all over the 
world. You can order online, they have an online catalog or 
one they can mail. But they encourage paperless :) 
Thanks for reading! <3

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