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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unedited Aussie Day 1

Apartment in Cronulla Beach is a minute walk to the ocean and to the CBD which is an open breezeway market with tons of shops and cafés.

When my plane first arrived in Sydney it was about 8 a.m. I walked right up to the customs counter, there was surprisingly no line. The customs agents asked the usual questions, where I was visiting, how long, why? I answered, Cronulla, till June 11th, and to visit a friend. I was so super excited but then he made the comment under his breath, “not off to a good start” then he called his superior. A man came and handed me off to another lade who then walked me around the corner and asked me to have a seat. Less than five minutes later I was on my way to baggage claim. I never got an explination….

I walked out the terminal and saw Abby sitting at a silver bistro table with her cart of 2 huge suitcases, a huge pink Vera Bradley duffle, and a Welcome to Australia balloon! FUN. I was sooo excited! OMG. We had our greeting and walked out to the taxi line.

It was $64.00 to take the taxi from the airport to her apartment. It was sprinkling when we arrived and one of Abby’s huge suitcases had a broken wheel. After we got inside we began to unpack some then freshened up and went to breaky.
We walked down the hill to the water and ate a café called Alley Break, overlooking the beach. We were seated outside and protected by the elements by a large outdoor tent structure thing with roll down thick plastic windows. The windows were rolled down today because of the rain. Abby ordered a calamari salad ($18) and I ordered 2 poached eggs served on toasted sourdough and potato hash ($9.5) we both had a large flat white. Abby wasn’t feelin her salad and barely ate any of it. I tried a calamari and wasn’t too keen on the flavour or texture but the greens were great. I loved my plate and ate every bit.

After that we walked around some and bought a few things like champagne from the bottle shop and orange juice from Franklins. On our walk back we stopped by Blockbuster and rented The Girlfriend Experience and stopped by the bike shop to see Rowdy, although everyone at the shop calls him Fred or Freddie.

We came back to finish unpacking and rest a bit. About 6 pm Rowdy called to say he was off work. We started to get ready and Abby put on her power hour CD and poured us each Mimosa’s. Rowdy came over and we talked and drank for an hour before leaving for the bar around 8:45.
It was a sports bar down by the water called Northies. You bet on horse and dog races.  Abby and Rowdy picked up the first round and I got the third but by that time I was spent. I was jonesin for a ciggie and walked outside to find some peeps smoking it. I asked a dreddie kid for one and he bummed his too. Abby came out and found me one. I was totally relieved to have a smoke. I talked with some people outside for a while when Abby made friends with everyone from before and they were inside and were calling me back. They bought us more drinks and we laughed and talked for about an hour before leaving for the petrol station for more cigs on our way to their apartment to hang out more. I was hot so our new friend Eric said I could borrow some of his boardies. I then took some pictures with his shorts, an Australian soccer ball, and Vegemite.

Afterwards I changed back into my clothes and played with Abby and Lizzie on her fridge word game for ever. It was super fun. Got home after 4 a.m. When we got home, we tried to watch the movie but it still wouldn’t work on her DVD player, I watched snow and scratchy subtitles while Abby made a delicious spinach salad with tomatoes, pine nuts, fried haloumi cheese (delicious) and balsamic vinaigrette. She also made some noodles with tomato spicy sauce I ate up. YUM. Who knows what time we passed out, not me. 


  1. It's so hard to read these things.. I'm just so missing you guys. Sounds like a perfect first night! I can't believe Rowdy is living there too.. did not know that. How awesome? I wish i was there and we could party, the 4 of us, like we did that night in Ttown before Abby left. Keep the fun posts coming though.. I'm living vicariously...
    love you miss you

  2. everything sounds really cool! nice pics


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