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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is going on with Armani?

Armani Press

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Body Art is a form of physical language, a fusion of performance and gesture – movement that displays an attitude and unleashes creativity, a spark that finds its own destiny, assuming a new identity, gathering colour, line and shape. Dress. 
This season Giorgio Armani creates a collection of pieces empowered by their cut and construction, essentially disciplined but at the same time possessing that special equilibrium achieved through perfectly balanced contrasts – exuberant, head turning, sumptuous. These styles are rich in colour and reference, texture of fabric (satin, taffeta, silk with stiffeners clad in double chiffon to support the structure) and elegant embroidery. 
It is this perfectly judged fusion, where the dress has been taken apart and reconfigured without sloppiness or fluttery detail, which brings to mind an eccentric purity derived directly from the Bauhaus. With its pared down look, the geometric formula of the skirt creates movement and emphasises the three-dimensional form of the body, the shoulders slightly prominent or, for a more defined shape, precisely cut at an oblique angle. To underline the prevalence of short compact shapes, shorts are occasionally worn under svelte tunics.
In fact everything is short and ends above the knee, even the evening dress. This staple has never before delivered such a total vision of lightness and geometric modernity, and is perfectly set off by flat shoes. Linear jackets with overstitched trim explore cool graphic design, combining sophisticated neutrals, grey, blue, green, a novel shade of iris, and low voltage red.
But it is the mutant shapes that give full expression to the pursuit of the new, including tunics like little wrap dresses, models with braces covering the bust, shorts gathered to imitate skirts, and single shoulder shirts with three layers displaying checkerboard motifs.

So, this season Armani is inspired by body art. Interesting, I like it. I have always loved Armani style. It makes me feel sleek, sexy, and posh. However, I have never been a fan of the Armani (exchange) graphic tees for boys, its a little waxy and jelly, especially on dark haired men with wax or gel in their hair.

I love what Armani says about body art and its expression, forming a new identity and then the way it related to clothing as well. Fabulous. Inspiring. Beautiful and thought provoking.

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  1. Thank you for this tidbit of info tourpal! I love that I learn new things each time I visit your blog... i wish I was visiting you in Cali RIGHT NOW!! Cali feels lost w/o me and I feel lost w/o you! Tell your aunt I say hello! and eat some seviche (spelling) for me!


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