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Monday, May 3, 2010

I have a problem

I am not in denial, I know I have a problem. But how can I help my problem!? I needed these shoes!!!!

One for One
Vegan Red Wrap Boot, $98
I purchased these Vegan Red Wrap Boots from Mountain High Outfitters, (formally known as High Country) on Sale for $56. (They were $98!) I saw them and knew I had to have them! I really hope they are as comfortable to walk in as they look. 

When I got home and displayed my new purchase to my mom and step-dad he laughed and said it looked like a foot brace. He joked it looked like the shoe they gave him when he had ankle surgery. 

I am a little nervous about the canvas wearing thin. They were as expensive as leather shoes from Clarks. I hope I made a good choice. 

I have a few days to think about it. They only draw back is Mountain High will only give credit or exchanges. They have a Kavu purse I kinda want but it is $30 and they have a cute jacket but its over $100 and I don't know if I really need it. I don't want it. If I need a jacket in NZ I will buy one in NZ. 

Any advice?


  1. My opinion...first of all I love TOM's and the price was a deal they are extremly comfortable and the wrap boots are very versatile you can wrap them high, wrap them over jeans or wrap them low but...If you are planning on these for NZ I do not recommend them because the canvas doesn't stand up well to the wet elements and the boots do not provide good insulation on the cold wet days. And although I love the red color you will be in NZ during Fall and Winter and the fashion colors are more earth tones. Of course you do not have to follow with traditional fashion I'm just saying...I am really excited about you going to NZ it is beautiful place and the people are awesome.

    Love ya,
    Natty Nomad
    (aka Neva)

  2. Awww! Thank you!!!!!!! I am thinking about waiting until I get to NZ or OZ and buy some boots when I get there. I am still thinkin about it.... I agree about the canvas being a problem. :P

  3. You will find great shoes in NZ Auckland My fav store is minx.

  4. what great feedback Sher! i don't have a clue about the weather! I do love the TOMS though. So, if you decide to keep them you can always rock them in the states! And.. you're providing shoes for a kid somewhere.. I always wonder if they take that pair out of the pile when someone returns them.. I doubt they do.. TOMS is an awesome company.
    love you!!!


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