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Monday, May 31, 2010

Unedited Aussie Day 2

Day 2

We were suppose to go somewhere for Abby to get laser and she also had class. But when the alarm went off about 8:30 we hit snooze. Abby called to cancel her laser appointment and fell back asleep. I barley moved but was aware of what was going on, pleased, I fell back asleep. We woke up a little after noon, showered and got ready. We took both of our laptops hopefully We walked to the mall (Cronulla CBD) and had lunch at Good To Go. The mall is an outdoor strip laiden with pebbles and shops on both sides of the walk way about 40ft wide. We sat outside again in the cute little outdoor café, again enclosed by an outdoor tent like structure but the thick plastic was not rolled down because it was such a beautiful day. The weather was about 66. We both had a yummy wrap of a veggie patty, similar to a falafel, less spice, and shaped like a patty. Also in the wrap was carrot, iceberg lettuce, and sweet chili sauce. Yum. Abby had a flat white, although I wanted one SO bad, I am on a huge budget and have already spent ¼ of my money and it is only the second day. WTF.

After lunch we walked around a bit and Abby decided she felt like shit and was not going to school. She called her doctor and he said he could see her right away. We took a cab, thank god Abby covered it, and she was in and out of the doctors office in like 15 minutes. We then walked to the Woolooware (or something) train station and bought a round trip ticket to Miranda. It was 2 stops away. Miranda is 3km  more inland and more city like. We walked into the mall and walked around a bit. I bought a small fruit cup for $4.80 and it was delicious! It had red grapes, kiwi, strawberries, cantaloupes, red apples, watermelon, and pineapple. Abby went to the chemist, got her meds and then got her computer fixed for internet at Optus. By this time I am in so much pain from carrying our laptops around in my backpack but I didn’t complain. We walked around some more and walked into shops, Forever New was a fabulous shop we went into and I wanted EVERYTHING. They had the most fabulous tights, leggings, hats, skirts, shirts, jackets, necklaces, dresses, shoes, and purses. I wanted it all. Abby bought a pair of pants for work; I think she said they were $70. We walked into a few shoe stores and they were all fabulous, reminded me of Aldo, but I am looking for practical. We walked into a shoe store with super cute shoes all at reasonable prices. I was SO tempted to buy a pair, but they cute, and IDK if they were comfortable. BTW, while walking I saw an Aldi Grocery, I thought that was pretty funny. About 4:30 p.m. we caught the train back to Cronulla.
We watched some tele and Abby made another yummy salad with even more cheese than the last time. It was so good. We watched tv for very little before passing out on the couch and made it to the bed about 11pm

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  1. A tight budget is just a reminder that college is a neccessary mean to a end. Just Saying. Love you have a ton of fun:)


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