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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A bit of Day 3

Day 3
went grocery shopping after brekky at Kafenilo. I had a delicious Egg Benedict thing topped with smoked salmon and instead of an English muffin it was on a toasted delicious bread. Abby had some kind of veggie wrap thing.
 We went to Woolworths for items like orange juice, flour (Abby insisted), chips, paper goods and shelf items like that. Then we went to the Cronulla fruit stand for our fruits and veggies. At Franklins we got bread, eggs, and a few other small things. When we were walking out of Franklins to Nando’s the bag Abby was carrying broke and the salsa she got busted all over the inside so we had to do a quick switcharoo. After Abby got her Nando Peri sauce thing we traded the movie in for another one that hopefully does not skip. 

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