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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love the library

6/17/2010 Thursday

Breakfast was healthy today. I had the Muesli. I love this place. Today we had our world lit class at the Christchurch Public Library. The librarians were super nice and dressed very cute. They both had on cute leggings and sweater dresses. One lady had a really cute pair of glasses on with the necklace holder thing that was super fashionable.
We were asked to choose a NZ word from our New Zealand lit book. I chose corker which means 1. noun Something or someone of surpassing size or excellence; also used ironically. 2. adj or adv Fine; excellent; enjoyable; very well
Tim our professor asked us to use the word in a sentence.
My roommate is a corker. She is astonishing and excellent.
There I did it.
I asked Doug to take pictures of my outfit. I have been wearing some cute outfits but have not been getting pictures of them! uh oh! Later today we will be going to Borders at the Westfield Mall in Riccoter or somewhere and meeting for our creative writing class.
I love these boots!!!! I got the at Surf Dive Ski near the Queen Victoria Building for $10!!! They are billabong. The shop's lease was going out and they were not going to renew it so everything was super on sale! Sometimes when I was by shop windows and I see my reflection I just love it because I think I look graceful like a Clydesdale. ;P I am wearing my vest from the thrift shop in Hollywood, necklace Molly bought me from Soca, legging and shirt my mom got me from where ever she bought it, and my fave skirt from American Apperal, and my fave bracelet from Nordstroms that is Kate Spade!

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  1. DUDE!!! Those boots are super freakin' awesome! I LOVE the fringe!! But start taking more outfit pics dang it! I know you are looking super fly! Glad you had an excellent day you, corker!! Did I use it right?
    Love you!


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