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Sunday, June 6, 2010


-June 1st!

Okay so right after I wrote about my misfortunes the internet started to work J that’s good. I talked to Brian and Jon Swaim for a good while. Then my computer ran out of battery and of course I forgot to bring the plug to Australia but went back to Abby’s charged the computer for a bit then went to McDonalds and ordered food and talked to Brian for a bit more. The fries were so delicious. We went to Northies after Abby got off work and met with Rowdy. I went home early and ate.

I went to the city all by myself and walked around all day through Hyde Park and around the business district then back to Darling Harbour, which was beautiful. I shopped around for a few hours, sat outside and had a coffee. I found a cute pair of black gummies at Rubi shoes that have a croc pattern. (Perfect because it rained for the next 2 days)
I met Mahtab in front of the Imax Theater at Darling Harbour. We walked around for a bit and then decided on eating at Thai Foon which was delicious! We ordered 2 dishes and shared. One was Prawns and Pad Thai and then a yummy green curry. We sat outside and the restaurant was great- right in the middle of the harbour side with a perfect beautiful view of the glittering city.
After dinner we walked across back to the city part and walked down George Street and throught the Victoria Building. Mahtab helped me back to the Town Hall train station and figure out which train to get, which I am very grateful for.

It has become one big blue blur now, my days and nights are running together and my time here is running out. It is almost over. I have been sick for the past 2 and a half days and they have just been wasted. 

6/2 5:47 p.m.
Spent the day at the beach with an aggressive bloke named Chris. It feels like such a waste to be writing events that have happened in he past but I feel that it will prove valuable in the future. This morning Abby and I woke up to the phone ringing. It was the phone I usually carry and I saw the number and thought it may be Brian so I answered. It wasn’t Brian. I said hello, and the voice on the other end said, Hello Abby, something something something Germany, something something. And I was like, what? Can you call back later. Hhaha, that was much too much of a confusing call for that early in the morning. We finally got up and read to go to Gloria Jeans for a bit. We walked around at first, Abby stopped by and ordered a Veggie Wrap from Things to Go and went by the ATM. We walked into a few shops and looked around before making our way to the worst Flat Whites ever! They were terrible and cold. I am drinking one now that is heaps better and deliciously warm. Abby stayed for about an hour and then left for work. I finished reading Achebe’s Things Fall Apart then video chatted with Molly for a good bit. It was wonderful and refreshing to see her face. Abby called and asked me to bring her lap top to her work. On the way I stopped by the apartment scuffed down the Chinese noodles with green curry over them and grabbed her optus. Her work is very nice and serene and tranquil. Very beachy, I liked it very much. I would like to make it my house, minus all the dentist equipment. Then I walked to the beach and took photos along the way. When I was crossing the road by Mundo’s a creepy looking man said “hello” and I said “Hello,” and he asked me where I was from and proceeded to follow me to my sunny spot on the beach. We talked and laughed for a bit but he kept asking me to leave with him, which was very unsettling and awkward. Then he began to speak very inappropriately and instead of telling him to “f* off” I just said, “thank you for hanging out and spending time with me today.” And then I walked away. J  Of course back to Gloria Jeans, it is dark now. We are going into the city tomorrow and I need to be well rested for a big day. I enjoyed today by the beach, it was wonderful, minus creepy guy.

It is June 7th now and I am at Gloria Jeans with Abby. I have a sore throat bc of the crazy weather. Rain, sun, hot, cold, wind, rain, sun...... Going to Miranda later for grocery shopping and such. I am leaving in a few days for freezing weather in New Zealand. I hope my health improves by tomorrow because I want to go to the city and I need to go to Bondi for a little walk. And if I can I would like to go to the markets at Circular Quay and the contemporary art museum or back to the QVB and buy another pair of fabulous boots for $10. I do not have a warm jacket for New Zealand yet but I hope to find one soon. 

Here are the sights I see and places I have been. 

Woolooware Station

 Kingsway- the main road we walk on- takes you straight to the beach

Driving on the wrong side of the road......
JD's Restaurant and Bar
Wok Star- delicious curry, noodles, rice..
Cronulla Central Business District
Nando's - Abby likes this place
Cronulla Beach
Buddha Beach Thai Restaurant where we went with Joe and Pasquale
Mundo- where Abby and I went for white Sangria and Tapas on a Friday night
Walking to the Beach
Sitting on the Beach with my book and a weirdo
Watching surfers
Running to catch a wave

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  1. I love these little writings you are doing each day!! I read and try to visualize everything! Live it up these next few days!!! I hope you and Abs are both feeling so much better! and i hope you find a good coat for NZ!
    I love you Sher!


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