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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Many words but no meaning....

Saturday May 29th

Abby and I got ready and went to Miranda to go shopping. It was fabulous. It is a 6 minute train ride from the Woolooware station. 
We ate first. Abby got a boost then we walk around the food court trying to decide what we were going to have to brunch. Abby chose to get a fajita from Salsa’s and I for some reason chose to have Indian. I have 2 different veggie dishes, a dahl and a veggie korma over rice. Abby also ordered a cheese burger from McDonalds, silly girl. After we ate we went back to McDonalds and ordered 2 large diet cokes which were really medium sized. We went into just about every shop. We both bought outfits for tonight from Surf Dive and Ski,  I bought a cute dress and Abby got a leopard jacket and a skirt. Abby got a shirt from some other place I cant remember. I bought 2 necklaces from another store. Shopping is fun. 
We met Joe and his friends at the Paddington Inn at Kings Cross. So much fun. After that it is a blur, we drank a lot and danced and had super amounts of fun. 
Abby and Joe
Pasquale and myself
Then Joe and Pasquale took us to another place called Trade Mark, again more drinking, fun, and dancing. We ended at a boutique hotel that was absolutely beautiful architecture. 
The next morning we looked so wrong walking back to the train in our outfits from the night before. We got chips and water for breakfast to eat on the hour train ride back to Cronulla. 
After we got back we showered and Abby went to get pizza and a few things from the grocery. We slept much of the rest of the day. Then I woke up when the sun was going down very sick, but not from the night before. I was sick that night to my stomach and the whole day the next day and finally on Tuesday I made myself go out to get a few things from Woolworths, the Fruit Stand, and Franklins. Finally today, Wednesday I feel back to better. But 2 days were totally wasted. I did finish a few things for school so not completely but still.


  1. In this case maybe McDonalds would have been a better choice (I can't beleive ZI said that lol), sorry you got sick it sucks to be sick away from home. Take care.
    Love ya,
    Aunt Neva

  2. You ladies looked so hot out on the town!!! I hate you got sick love but i'm glad you are feeling better! I'm going to see if Jere can put skype on mom's computer so that i can use it to chat w/ you one day. I hope the rest of your time in OZ is awesome!! I miss you all the time!

    love you!


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