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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walk through Hagley Park

Bridge of Remembrance with Cashel Street in the background. The bridge is built over the Avon River for the fallen New Zealand soldiers who fought in World War I and II. When one walks over the bridge they should think of the sacrifices people have made for the safety of their family and future. (mainly because of other peoples stupidity and or greed, power hunger etc. etc.) Our hotel (HotelSO) is on Cashel about a 5 minute was from the bridge. 

Avon River runs through Hagley Park.

Stephanie and I walked through Hagley Park on our way to the Westfield Mall in Riccarton. 

Too bad it is Winter and there are no flowers to enjoy. 

Hagley Park is the 3rd largest urban park in the world. 


    :( i miss you
    I got my postcard on Friday and I cried.. I was a little ovewhelmed w/ my party but it made me miss you even more.. Postcard reminded me of Marie Antoinette for some reason.. think it was the lambs! I hope you and Abs are having a blast! have some drinks and do a photoshoot sometime soon!


Yay! I get so excited when people comment on my blog! Thank you for reading :) xoxoxo