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Monday, March 29, 2010

Take it in the face!

Leah (Ledbetter/Mitchell) texted me Friday while I was at school saying The Comedy Club Stardome called her and offered 12 free tickets to the show that night. Donnell Rawlings would be performing and I had no idea who that was but that he was on The Chappelle Show. Whatever. 

He was FREAKIN HILARIOUS!! We had so much fun. I laughed the whole time so much.

Donnell Rawlings

March 26 - March 28

March 26-28 **Special Event**
Donnell Rawlings is an overnight success a decade in the making. You've seen him on Comedy Central's award winning and critically celebrated Chappelle's Show as "Ashy Larry", the 70's jheri curled "Beautiful", and numerous other characters he's played. Since Dave Chappelle had business to take care of in Africa, Donnell was asked to step into the huge shoes Dave left behind,and host the Lost Episodes. Also seen in Reality Bites Back, Comedy Central, MTV and much more.

Leah's husband Zac with Donnell. We had so much fun! Thank you Leah and Zac for inviting us!

A few of his memorable lines were;
Take it in the face!
Take it in the face out loud!
No homo.
I mean.....

He was soooooo funny! If you ever have a chance to see his stand up please go. He is very funny and also super cool and nice to meet!

Also, he is a sexy man and I LOVED his jeans! I need to get Brian a pair :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grand Opening of Azia Medical Spa


The Hallway at Azia. The photo room, facial, Zerona, massage, spray tanning and relaxation rooms. 

VersaSpa Spray Tanning
Relaxation room

Azia Medical Spa
Suite 201
153 Narrows Parkway
Birmingham, AL  35242

Azia services:

SlimLipo Laser Liposuction
ZERONA Laser Lipo
Medical Weight Loss

Skin Analysis
Clinical Facials
Chemical Peels
Photo Facials
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Spider Vein Treatment
Acne Treatment
Rosacea Treatment
Laser Hair Removal
Massage Therapy
Relaxation Center

Bio Identical Hormones

Permanent Make Up
VersaSpa Spray Tanning
Latisse Lash Enhancer
Skincare & Make Up

The Opening was fabulous! Yummy food and the spa is so gorgeous! The staff is ultra chic and professional. I was very impressed with them.
For about an hour there was a slide show presentation with information on the services Azia offers. They had give aways like a $500 Obagi set that Priscilla won and Ashley Bartolic won some other fancyness! Lucky girls!!!
Then we were free to roam about the salon. In each room the staff were there to show you around and explain their specializations and procedures. I did a quick run through and then found my way to the food. They had a gorgeous fruit spread and yummy appetizers. 

One of my very good friends, Leah Galbreath, her mom is the owner of the spa. Her name is Dee and this has been her dream for many years. She is very passionate and well educated. 
I can't wait to go get my complimentary facial! I will blog about it soon!

Hot Mess/Staci's Birthday Dinner at Do di yo's

Staci's birthday was March 24th. She sent me a text while I was at school and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner at Do di yo's with her and Rebecca Maryam (Iman's mom who is also the Director of Winonah's and my aunt) Staci also asked Jezsi to come too (Shayan's girlfriend, my friend and she also attends school at Winonah's, she is also an amazing belly dancer
So Jezsi and I were at school all day then after school for a few hours we painted and hung pictures. We had planned on going to my house and changing before dinner but we were busy until after 6. No biggie, Do di yo's is within walking distance from Winonah's so it would have been pretty dumb, however I had on crappy jeans and a terrible t-shirt, no make-up and by hair in a pony tail. So lame. I had to borrow Jezsi's leggings and black cardi, and I found an old dress hanging in my grandmothers room as well as a make-up and just threw everything together with the help of Jezsi and Melinda. Melinda let me borrow her awesome boots bc my shoes I wore sucked. Here is the outfit we threw together as well as pictures from Do di yo's.

Aunt Cousin

Monday, March 22, 2010
Birmingham Court House
The Marriage of
Iman Elder to Staci Harrison

Walking in

Birmingham Court House

So cute

Alabama Marriage Handbook. Really?

Filling out the marriage certificate application

Speaking with the minister

Vow Time

I do.

He was really funny

Iman kept admiring his ring

Walking out

"Reception" was at Do di yo's. We loved the bread and feta spread. Our server was great, although he talked a little much. Staci and I had yummy she crab soup.

Staci feeding Iman a Greek Wedding Cookie

Iman feeding Staci a Greek Wedding Cookie.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 4 of Painting Winonah's. Will it ever be complete!?

Sunday March 21st

The doorway I painted white

New blue for the classroom

Yay gray!

Yeah, I know I'm cool.

Painting the second coat

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WISC-y businuess

Saturday, March 20

I am very pleased with the progress thus far. I painted the trim with Killz in the classroom yesterday and Mike and Lisa painted the walls. When I got to the school this morning about 9 they were painting the trim in the pretty blue color! The reception area still needed one more coat of the gray paint but it already look fabulous!

I had Brian with me today to help prep the hair salon side with the primer. I had already sanded the swept the patches so all we had to do was paint. 

Brian had NEVER painted a wall before in his life so in the beginning it was a little tense trying to teach him to paint the wall and not the floor, but after about an hour he got the hang of it. 

About 2 o'clock Mike and Lisa left to grab some lunch but Brian and I stayed to finish the job. We were about to leave when we realized we had no way of locking up because Mike had the key! AND he also left his phone at the school. Brian and I were starving but continued to work on areas that needed our attention. 
About an hour and a half later Mike and Lisa came back and we went to Whole Foods for lunch. YUMMY. 
We both ordered sandwiches and they were delicious. We had to go to whole foods anyway to pick up a few things like fresh TUNA for our sushi we were making for dinner. Yep, thats right. Brian and I made sushi at home! So much fun. We are pretty much professional Sushi chefs now. This wasn't our first time. Last time we had Tuna and Shrimp (as well as cucumber, carrot, avocado, yummy spicy sauce, ginger, wasabi, soy sauce, sushi rice, and nori) This time we decided to change it up a bit, instead of the shrimp we had smoked salmon. YUMMY. And we also added sliced green apple into the mix. I had family friends in town from Houston that stayed with me at my house and they also joined us for dinner. We had YETI beer and Vino Verde wine to drink with the sushi. As an additional entree Brian and I made fried rice. We are so talented. ;)

Friday, March 19, 2010

What? Staci? Your Leaving? Fashion Show first.

I love when Staci comes over! She is so fun to hang out with and very nice, interesting, and obviously fashionable. Her life has been difficult this past year and she is being forced to grow up fast. Each time I speak with her she sounds more mature and wise. So far these changes have been good, I hope she can continue to find balance. By observing her wardrobe I feel I will be able to detect if she needs any help. So far so good :)