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Friday, March 19, 2010

Winonah's Naked

In lieu of Spring Cleaning and new beginnings, we are giving Winonah International School of Cosmetology a much needed make-over. My bestest friend Molly Sarver happens to be an interior designer with amazing vision and innovative ideas. In exchange for her design services I offered my cosmetology services, see before and after pictures of Molly and her mom. She has proposed a 3 phase plan beginning with a fresh coat of paint! (the master plan is a secret) 

Here are BEFORE pictures of Winonah's

 Opposite Angle of the Classroom

Waiting Area

Reception Area / Nail Salon

Facial Area

Hair Salon

Thursday, March 19th the Make-Over begins!!!

In the process pictures:

Me taking a picture of my work :)

Mike and his Girlfriend Lisa came to help. He is our go-to handy man.

Lisa helped move everything to the center while Mike removed everything from the walls. 

I spent the majority of the day filling holes in the classroom! So freakin' many!

DAY 2 

The dry wall stuff has dried and now it is time to sand the wall.


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