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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hot Mess/Staci's Birthday Dinner at Do di yo's

Staci's birthday was March 24th. She sent me a text while I was at school and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner at Do di yo's with her and Rebecca Maryam (Iman's mom who is also the Director of Winonah's and my aunt) Staci also asked Jezsi to come too (Shayan's girlfriend, my friend and she also attends school at Winonah's, she is also an amazing belly dancer
So Jezsi and I were at school all day then after school for a few hours we painted and hung pictures. We had planned on going to my house and changing before dinner but we were busy until after 6. No biggie, Do di yo's is within walking distance from Winonah's so it would have been pretty dumb, however I had on crappy jeans and a terrible t-shirt, no make-up and by hair in a pony tail. So lame. I had to borrow Jezsi's leggings and black cardi, and I found an old dress hanging in my grandmothers room as well as a make-up and just threw everything together with the help of Jezsi and Melinda. Melinda let me borrow her awesome boots bc my shoes I wore sucked. Here is the outfit we threw together as well as pictures from Do di yo's.

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