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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Georgia Aquarium

This was amazing! The visual amazingness of the fishies was three times the size of the tank behind the check-in desk at The Mirage and three times colorful and beautiful!
It appears as though Brian and I are in front of a green screen and super imposed in front of the fish, but we were really there! Promise!

I enjoyed the aquarium and recommend going if you are the least bit interested.
There are 5 areas, about to be 6.
The first one to the right when you walk in is the Tropical Diver. The first tank was one of my favorites with spotted garden eels. Of course Brian walked up, did not read ANY of the signs and proceeded to take pictures, with his flash, and it CLEARLY said, NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! So remember, the first tank in is wonderful, but the flash on your camera will scare the little fishies! It is okay to use flash at most of the tanks, but before you go snapping, make sure there are no signs that say NO FLASH!
 The TD has the most interesting fish in my opinion. Weird shapes and cool colors, including sea nettles (looks like jelly fish), cuttlefish, sea horse, and my fave spotted garden eel!

The Cold Water Quest is where the Beluga Whales are, and they are so cute! I saw 2 Beluga's at Sea World San Diego but the personality of the 2 at GA were so playful! I hope being in captivity does not cause depression in these babies. 
The Leafy Sea Dragon was another pretty cool sight to see at CWQ, among other animals such as the Souther sea otter. Let me tell you a little about the SSO, so awkward. Brian and I were admiring their cuteness when a sea otter appeared to be smelling around and then hiking its leg like a boy dog going pee. NO. It turned around (butt facing us) and poop/peed. Gross and slightly funny. THEN, another little cute sea otter came, smelled the poop/pee (I say poop/pee because it was like the D word) maybe even licked it, then turned around and poop/peed in the same spot! How Weird! I know, BUT THEN another cute little sea otter jumped up out of the water, smelled around, licked a few things, turned around and, you guessed it, POOP/PEED in the SAME SPOT! Oh this happened 2 more times! It was a pooping party! One after the other after the other in a very seemingly organized fashion. 

Georgia Explorer, River Scout, has common fish to the southeast, and of course common to Georgia. Huge catfish and fish you would find in a home aquarium. 

Ocean Voyager is where the huge 3,600,000 gallon tank is, with the sharks and whales, and huge fish. So cool and amazing! I find it interesting to be able to see what is under the ocean water. You have no idea when you are laying out on the beach soaking up the suns rays what is under that ocean blue.

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