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Monday, March 29, 2010

Take it in the face!

Leah (Ledbetter/Mitchell) texted me Friday while I was at school saying The Comedy Club Stardome called her and offered 12 free tickets to the show that night. Donnell Rawlings would be performing and I had no idea who that was but that he was on The Chappelle Show. Whatever. 

He was FREAKIN HILARIOUS!! We had so much fun. I laughed the whole time so much.

Donnell Rawlings

March 26 - March 28

March 26-28 **Special Event**
Donnell Rawlings is an overnight success a decade in the making. You've seen him on Comedy Central's award winning and critically celebrated Chappelle's Show as "Ashy Larry", the 70's jheri curled "Beautiful", and numerous other characters he's played. Since Dave Chappelle had business to take care of in Africa, Donnell was asked to step into the huge shoes Dave left behind,and host the Lost Episodes. Also seen in Reality Bites Back, Comedy Central, MTV and much more.

Leah's husband Zac with Donnell. We had so much fun! Thank you Leah and Zac for inviting us!

A few of his memorable lines were;
Take it in the face!
Take it in the face out loud!
No homo.
I mean.....

He was soooooo funny! If you ever have a chance to see his stand up please go. He is very funny and also super cool and nice to meet!

Also, he is a sexy man and I LOVED his jeans! I need to get Brian a pair :)

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