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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I have got to get caught up

There are so many amazing experiences from Australia and wonderful beautiful people I met. My last Saturday trumped the previous Saturday. We took a train to Circular Quay in the city and arrived about midday. Our plans for the day were to catch the free ferry operating for the art exhibit on Cockatoo Island and go to the Museum of Contemporary Art, or MCA (which we ended up not having enough time.)

It is the 17th Beinnale of Sydney, which to me, is an amazing art installation and walking tour to the different venues through the city. Entrance to the venues are free.
 Absolutely  amazing and wonderfully beautiful.
The theme is THE BEAUTY OF DISTANCE: SONGS OF SURVIVAL IN A PRECARIOUS AGE and the Artistic Director is David Elliott. 

The theme embodies the notion that art can be separate from reality and by being separate becomes beautiful.

 When Abby and I walked into the first install at Cockatoo Island it was a "beautiful" representation of destruction.

It is a car crash. Literally it is an American made car, a Ford model to be precise, that is suspended by cable wires and has poles of light arranged like a star burst exploding out of the machine as it tumbles mid air to its final resting point.

To read more about the theme, which I recommend and hope you do, go HERE

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