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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anger Management

5/25/10 9:29 a..m

FML. Im at Gloria Jeans, ordered a flat white and wanted to use the internet but of course it isn’t working AND my computer is about out of battery and I cant plug it in because of course I left the adapter plug at home. The coffee is good but WTF am I to do now? I have to walk back to Abby’s and charge my computer and I guess walk back here or more likely McDonalds since this stupid internet isn’t working. Abby is at work until 6:30 tonight. We are going to eat and drink with Rowdy tonight. It rained this morning and I am wearing my new gummies. They started to hurt my feet after a block, but I think I can figure out how to walk differently in them and they will be a little more comfortable. I need to read some more stories today. Tomorrow Abby and I plan on going into the city before her class and playing around a bit. I’m kinda bummed right now, but really, but a little bit. Nothing big, but things just are not going my way. Well just those 2 things about my computer and internet. I have only had my coffee this morning so maybe I will wait and order breakfast or lunch at mcDonals and use the internet. I hope they have it.  

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