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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If you are today, then I am tomorrow, But I am today, therefore you are yesterday ;)

It is fucking cold. Abby and I started to watch the movie (finally, lol) on my computer laying in her bed. She still is not feeling well and fell asleep twenty minutes into the film. It is a good movie, I like it so far, I paused it after 56 minutes to eat some fruit. I left Abby to rest. For brekky Abby made a delicious scramble with onion, tomato and a dash of milk. We spread Nando’s Perinaise on tortilla wraps for a delicious egg wrap. The perinaise is hot, on the bottle it says Peri-Peri Mayonnaise and it is an orangish color, much like cheese whiz.
 It is made in South Africa, imported by Australia. I prepared some brekky potatoes. I thinly sliced red potato with chopped white onion and red bell pepper- seasoned with salt, black and white pepper.
I am now munching on a fruit bowl I made. I have been craving fruit every day since I got here. I can say that the fruit tastes the same but I swear it is juicier.
After writing a bit I went to take a nap about 11:30 and woke up 2 hours later. I made a delicious yummy wrap, similar to the one I made yesterday.

Sunday 5/23/10
Went around had fun with Abby, then her friend Joe called and said he would be at Northies.
 I read much of the morning and then about noon we went and met Joe and his friends. They had already been drinking. We got a bottle of wine and began to have to much fun. These boys are silly and fun. They were betting on horses and dog races. I asked them questions about Australia. We spent hours there and before dinner had appetizers. We ordered some wedges (French fry wedges) that were served with sour cream and some sweet chili sauce on top. So weird. They were better plain but Pasquale and Abby seemed to like it. Abby ordered Bruschetta and it was not very good at all. Quite bland. Pasquale kept correcting us on how to say it- pronounced Brus-ketta, not brush-etta. Okay. Got it. But I kept forgetting Pasquale’s name and was calling him Pedigree for the whole night. But it was fun. After we had another bottle of wine we had dinner at Buddha Beach

YUM YUM YUM For realz. 


  1. Looks like you enjoy down under :) have fun

  2. damn it.. my last comment didn't save. Hate Abs is still under the weather.. looks like you guys are having tons-o-fun though! Thanks for my necklace you got me tourpalski! Can't wait to see it when you get back. Keep rockin' out in OZ!

    love you guys!


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