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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An extra 6 bucks!

So I returned the shoes this morning. It was hard thing to do, but I know it was the right thing to do. Because I bought them on sale I was only eligible for an exchange or store credit. I have been wanting an across the body purse that would be easy for crusin' and walkin' around leaving my hands and arms to be able to move about freely and unrestrained by awkward purse handles. I did some research online and decided on the KAVU Sydney purse. It is named Sydney and I am flying to Sydney May 17th! How perfect is that? I chose the black purse because I can not take myself seriously with the wild patterns KAVU produces, however pretty, just not for me.  The purse was 34.99 from Mountain High in Cahaba Heights near Whole Foods on 280. 

Odds & Ends
Odds & Ends
I also bought this wallet for 19.99. I do not know if I really needed it, but it will  be nice to have. 
"Mid-sized wallet with complete zip closure, external strap to clutch, exterior patch work construction, internal zip coin pocket, credit card and ID holders, pen slot, and mesh stash pocket that's perfect for a passport or other important documents" 


  1. I think the exchange was a good choice! You'll use the KAVU and the wallet a whole lot more than the shoes and they will last longer.. I'm also excited b/c I was going to go to my storage building tonight to start digging for one of my old KAVU purses to give you for the trip (sigh of relief) That storage building is absolute chaos! I'm seriously going to miss you so much Sheri! Can I stay w/ you Sunday night when I get back from Panic? And.... will you PLEASE come to Panic anyway!!!???!!!

  2. I believe you made the right choice. I love the purse and wallet it will be great for your travels. Don't forget to journal pictures may be worth a thousand words but the written word is priceless. Love ya.


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