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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bundeena Ferry

Okay, so I have been in Cronulla for like 7 months and this is the first time I have taken the ferry out to Bundeena. Granted I know why Jon or anyone never wanted to go there because there is not much. There are a few walking trails and some nice quiet beaches. I did not do much walking but there a lady on the ferry told me up the hill are some Aboriginal paintings or something. Bundeena is an Aboriginal  meaning "noise like thunder". 
I really liked the beach and the water there. I made Alec go with me. Let me start over. Abby, Alec and I had breakfast at Bass and Flinders.
 I had the Muffin Stack (yum). Let me tell you about this yummy discovery. It is a slice of a slightly toasted English muffin with an egg,  sauted haloumi cheese, avocado, tomato, then another slice of slightly toasted English muffin, then the same yumminess, then topped with another slice of slightly toasted English muffin. So like double layers. Yum. And rocket on the side. So freakin good. After brekkie we walked around the mall area before Abby had to go to work. Then Alec and I walked out to Oak Park. We had so much fun climbing around on the rocks. Alec discovered like 100 blue box jelly fish that had been washed up and he told me not to touch their tails bc they were poisonous. I had no idea! It was so scary.
Alec went to the bottle shop and grabbed a Coopers long neck and I got a sparkling water. We caught the 1:30 ferry to Bundeena. It was so much fun. The water there is gorgeous! It reminded me of Apollo Bay. We walked up to the RSL where Alec had a schooner then we walked down and waded in the water until the ferry came to pick us up. And that is my afternoon at Bundeena. Then I went to work. 



  2. this looks so beautiful. so jealous you are in Sydney. im from sydney and i miss it! looks like you had the most perfect day :) love your blog x


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