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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nail Polish or Nail Lacquer

According to Harpers Bazaar (my favorite mag) it is fashionable this spring to not be matchy matchy with your nail polish but rather have two colors that compliment making sure the pedi is a darker color than the mani.

Brisbane139.jpg picture by SheriLand

All over Brisbane the electrical boxes were painted fabulously:

Brisbane144.jpg picture by SheriLandBrisbane152.jpg picture by SheriLandBrisbane199.jpg picture by SheriLand
Brisbane276.jpg image by SheriLand

Also saw the coolest trees in Brissy

Brisbane180.jpg picture by SheriLand

Brisbane263.jpg picture by SheriLand

Brisbane267.jpg picture by SheriLand

Brisbane275.jpg picture by SheriLand

And the coolest flowers!

Brisbane221.jpg picture by SheriLand

Brisbane220.jpg Flowers in my hair picture by SheriLand


  1. The trees are amazing in Aussie :) took a lot of pics as I was there!

  2. the randomness of this post makes me miss you even more!!! Glad you're being so observant and capturing cool things!


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