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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Afternoon stroll

This is the view I see everyday when I leave our unit once you get onto Kingsway at the top of the hill.
I absolutely love living here! LOVE IT!
I am so lucky.

This is a picture our mail man. He wears a florescent long sleeve, white helmet and drives a scooter around delivering mail. It is really a motor powered push bike. There are a few different mail men and one mail lady that I have seen and all are really super nice.  

I just liked this tree bush thing. I want to know what it is called so I can plant one. I bet my mom already has one. It kinda looks familiar. 

I took a picture of an airplane because they are constantly flying overhead. Seriously. Like 100 airplanes fly by ever hour. Sydney is a happenin' spot. 

You can see the city in the distance. I took this pic at the top of Jon's street. 

Here is a close up. You can make out the Sydney Tower. 


  1. Lovely :)

  2. Wow! it is awesome! It looks like a place I would love to visit. I want to fly to Perth and take the train all the way across the continent to Sydney. Did you know the train tracks are two different sizes so you have to change trains halfway, funny:) Anyway enjoy life and send a picture of Jon please I have to check him out.

  3. OOPs! I forgot to sign in...
    I love you Aunt Neva

  4. About the tree/bush, I don't know the name, but from what I could see, does it have huge purple flowers? I've seen something like it here also. If the blooms are extremely fragrant it would most likely be Lilac. Loved the pics. Keep posting. Love u.


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