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Monday, September 27, 2010


Johnny Bambam is the best boyfriend in the world. Friday he came home early and we went to Darook Park and had a fabulous wonderful romantic picnic! It was a beautiful bright sunny day with a light cool breeze. I wore a pretty maxi dress that Jon’s mom gave me. Jon brought towels and we laid them on the beach to sit on while we ate our lunch. I had my absolute favorite for lunch: fruit with berry yogurt from the Cronulla Fruit Shop.
THEEEEEN Sunday was the best ever too! We woke up early and Johnny Bambam made berry waffles with yummy maple syrup. THEEEN we drove to Rockdale so we could catch the train to Bondi Junction but when we got there we realized the trains were out that day so we had to take the bus to Central and then to Bondi Junction.

I got the cutest purse from a shop outside; I think it is called Surf Skate Ski. It is a cream colored clam design but the only down side it that it is not real leather. 

 I love the Westfield Mall at Bondi Junction!

It is so big and pretty. It has fabulous shops like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Not like I could ever afford to buy anything from there but they have them! One day I want to buy my mom a Louis. I love her. She is the best too.

I bought a cute casual cotton gray skirt from Surf Dive’n Ski.

I had a delicious falafel and couscous with fresh greens salad. We sat outside at a great outdoor sitting area from one of the several food areas. Love it!

Westfield also has my fave shoe shop, Aldo! I bought a cute pair of chocolate colored wedges with khaki colored weaving at the heels.
Jon had a surprise for me at Bondi. I just love him. I have been wanting a delicious chocolate dessert, mainly because I watch (Junior) Master Chef and it gets me goin. Anyway, cutest boy in the world Jon surprised me by taking me to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar!!!!


He is so wonderful. They had exactly what I have been craving: chocolate soufflĂ©.YUM. 

And of course my outfit:
I am wearing Abby's fabulous maxi dress, my brown rainbow's, and a flower head thing Staci introduced me to from the Dollar Tree. :)


  1. I'm so happy that you are blogging again!! I'm also so happy that you are in love :)
    You look BEAUTIFUL in these pictures.. Maxi dresses are a YES YES YES for you! GORGE!
    I miss you like crazy! I hope to see you in a few short months down under...

    "Give me little drink from your loving cup..."


  2. I dido Stevie's comments. I loved your blog and I'm happy that you're happy. I love you and hope to see you soon (in a few months).


Yay! I get so excited when people comment on my blog! Thank you for reading :) xoxoxo