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Friday, September 17, 2010

I've been around...

Wow! I have not done a post in months! I got back to Cronulla Beach July 3rd and began looking for a job. I worked a few times at a cafe called nulla nulla but it was lame, and once at music venue/restaurant called The Brass Monkey that was awesome! But they never called me back :( Then I got a part time job at a salon for a month or so working Thurs-Sat but I haven't worked in 2 weeks! I also have a part-time job at a Mexican restaurant that isn't too bad. I've written two papers for school and am working on a third. Just keepin' busy! I miss my friends a lot and my family sooooo much but I love it here and will stay until next June.
Abby and Tim at Tims unit! Playin with the tables.

Me takin my turn

Jon-the cutest boy in the world

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  1. He is pretty dang cute Sher. You are a beauty so I bet you guys are fun to look at walking down the street. I'm glad you are blogging again.. now if you will keep it up :) Thank you for always helping me w/ my blog. It would be crap without you. You know you're going to need to post that blog award tag on mine for me. ha! I hope we get to skype soon. I love you!
    roll tide roll


Yay! I get so excited when people comment on my blog! Thank you for reading :) xoxoxo