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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chocolate Dreams

I laid in bed last night dreaming of chocolate soufflĂ©.....

It is just so delicious. And when you cut into it and open it up, the warm, rich, chocolate center just oozes out. Delectable. 

I failed to mention Jon's deliciousness.
Jon ordered the Tutti-Frutti Waffle. It is a warm Belgian waffle drizzled with melted chocolate and served with sliced strawberries and bananas. YUM.

I would also like to add that Alabama is the best football team in the world! A few weeks ago we watched the Bama vs. Penn State game at Jon's house. We had Budweiser and Jack Daniels to drink and to snack on we had celery and carrots with ranch dressing. Abby and I also attempted to make Rotel dip without Rotel or Velveeta. Our cheese dip turned out yummy but no Rotel.

I purchased some crimson shakers for the game and afterward Abs rode by the bike shop and had them tape them on her bike. We have been rockin' it ever since!


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