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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grams and Baba are back from Iran with lots of goodies!

Picture taken April 2009
Haft Seen of Persian New Year

My Grams looks 30 years younger. I can tell she was so happy to be with her sister and family. I wish I could have gone too! Ugh. They had so much fun and brought back many gifts. They spent $3,000 (U.S.) on 10 gold bracelets for all the women of the family. And then tons more gifts and yummies. I wish I could go visit for a few weeks because I have no idea what it is like to be there in the middle of the culture. I know it is VERY different now from when my mom grew up but I am still curious. My family always complains that the writing among other things are slowly becoming Arabic and they do not like that one bit. I want to spend time with my family in Iran and understand more about the culture I was raised to know and love dearly. I wish I could help the young people get out from under the Islamic Rule. The world just ignored them, all the people that died fighting for their freedom will be remembered by me. I digress.
I have 4 gold bracelets on my wrist and they are so heavy. They are very different from the style my grams brought be about 10 years ago. These are very thin and sleek. The previous pair she brought me were twice the width and hollow so they weighed less. I will upload pictures later.

Christmas Party 2009
I am wearing the "old" gold bracelets 


  1. The gifts are very nice of them! Glad to hear they made it back safe.


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