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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Morgan's Fist Pump'n Jerseytastic Birthday

If you have not heard of The Jersey Shore or Jerseylicious please Google it.
I had no idea either until yesterday. My friends tell me I live under a rock.
I knew Jersey Style before, but watching the ridiculousness of it is embarrassingly slightly entertaining.

This picture is of the TV show set in Jersey

So last night Morgan Gillespie turned 25!!! Her party was held at
The Rare Martini
2839 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233-2803
(205) 323-0008

Jeszi and I arrived together and at the perfect time! Just when they were cutting the cake. 
Yummy! This was my second cake of the day. I had attended a fun birthday earlier that afternoon for a baby named Zac who turned 1. 

After the baby birthday I met Jeszi at my house and we quickly put on Jerseytastic eye make-up and bronzer. We  teased our hair and sprayed in BigSexyHair What a tease which is an amazing product. We met our family at Pablo's- my mom and George, Grandma and Baba. 

Our hair had fallen flat by the time we got to Rare Martini, but luckily I found a lone bobby pin in my purse and quickly came to Jezsi's hair rescue. 
She looks kinda like Barbarella in this picture. 

Morgan and Jeszi's profile view of their amazing Jersey hair

This guido is an AMAZING dancer



Later in the evening Jeszi gave me the lone bobby pin :)

Me and Morgan on her 25th Birthday!

Are we Jersey enough for you?
Probably need bigger hair. 

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